New Orleans Nightmare

A New Orleans guesthouse. A social media murder. A killer with a virtual ax to grind…

Roxy Reinhardt always played it safe. But when her secure and stable life crumbled to pieces she packed her bags, grabbed her cat, and moved to New Orleans. But as the new owner of the Funky Cat Inn, a newly-refurbished guesthouse in the Big Easy, she's starting to wonder if she bit off more than she can chew…

With the help of her quirky new friends, Roxy is determined to make her business venture a success. And with a horde of social media influencers descending on her tiny establishment, all she has to do is create a magnificent impression, and let their followers spread the buzz…

But these influencers seem more interested in bickering with one another than enjoying the Funky Cat’s charms. And their internet feud quickly leads to a real-life murder, when one of them shows up as a corpse!

Among these obnoxious online personalities, there’s no shortage of suspects. And with her reputation on the line, and the local police breathing down her neck, shy and timid Roxy has to step up. She’s got to fish for clues and solve the crime, all while escorting her guests on cocktail cruises and voodoo tomb tours…

Can Roxy reveal the killer before they strike again? Or is her reputation dead on arrival…

Cozy mystery fans will love this delicious new series from author Alison Golden. No foul language, no sex, and no gore…Just quirky characters, Cajun food, and a puzzling mystery that will keep readers guessing!

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New Orleans Nightmare

I need to tell you that you have a winner here.

“Great follow-up to Mardi Gras Madness!”

“What a great read. You really captured how alive and how much fun the city is. Thank you, it really took me back.”

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New Orleans Nightmare

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