A grisly corpse. An enemy from the past. Has Diana Hunter finally met her match?

Diana Hunter’s keen analytical mind made her the most skilled operative in the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. But the young agent’s brilliant reputation attracted a deadly enemy. Ten years ago, Diana was captured by the elusive assassin known only as ‘Surgeon.’ She barely survived the ordeal.

Now, years later, the amateur sleuth is still haunted by the shadowy psychopathic genius. Two days before the anniversary of her kidnapping, a dead body turns up in the streets of Vancouver. Diana knows it can’t be coincidence. Surgeon has claimed another victim, and left her a ghastly calling card.

Desperate to bring the psychopath to justice, Diana dangles herself as bait for this ruthless, arrogant killer. She thinks she can read his every move. But what happens if her plan goes horribly wrong?

Chopped is an electrifying game of cat and mouse, played against an opponent whose obsessive mind always seems to be one step ahead. Can Diana and her handsome partner, Detective Peter Hopkinson, outwit this brilliant killer? Or will Surgeon make the final move in their deadly little game?

Mystery fans will love this clean read, that contains no graphic sex or violence, but plenty of twists and turns. Buy Chopped, and watch Diana Hunter match wits with her deadliest enemy.

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“Gripping plots with lots of twists so I’m usually kept guessing until the end.”

“I have fallen in love with the characters and cant wait to see where the next book takes them.”

“I am already obsessed with Diana and Peter.”

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