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A dark discovery. Buried bones. A sweet confection of lost love and murder…

When a young boy running through the woods unearths a buried human bone, his discovery sets a chain reaction of events in motion. A cold case is soon re-opened. And Reverend Annabelle Dixon, with her insatiable appetite for mystery and crime, simply can’t leave it alone.

In the peaceful village of Upton St. Mary, word of the grisly discovery quickly spreads. The rest of the body has been found in the woods. The forensic team believes that it has been there for over a decade. But the question remains: whose bones were buried there all those years ago?

In this sequel to Murder at the Mansion, Reverend Annabelle once again finds herself in the thick of a murder investigation. With her knack for gaining people’s trust, teasing out their secrets, and piecing together clues, Annabelle is determined to solve the mystery. But first she’ll need a double helping of cake, to set her mental gears spinning…

Body in the Woods continues with hysterical hijinks, as Annabelle gets herself into a new series of scrapes. A newcomer to the village has his heart set on love. The antagonism with her crush, Inspector Nicholls grows. And church secretary Philippa supplies Annabelle with gossip, cake, and her own little puzzle that gets the vicar a-thinking.

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Includes the following recipes!! – Ecclesiastical Chocolate Éclairs – Divine Chocolate Dipped Shortbread – Rapturous Raspberry Cheesecake – Annabelle's Favorite Apricot Tart – Saintly Strawberry Cupcakes

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“I need my Reverend Annabelle fix!”

“I just want to tell you how much I love Annabelle and the cast of characters in your novels. They remind me of old movie detectives and Agatha Christie novels.”

“Once started, I didn't want to put it down.”

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