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A madcap lady vicar. A mansion of mayhem. And a murder more diabolical than devil’s food cake…

Meet Reverend Annabelle Dixon… Charming, slightly gauche, very tall, this thirty-something vicar has just been appointed to the pastoral St. Mary’s Church, in the picturesque village of Upton St. Mary, Cornwall, England.

Annabelle is beloved by her parishioners for dispensing holy wisdom with humor and charm. She spends her days zipping her Mini Cooper around the country lanes, seeking out new cafés and bakeries, while attempting to win the finicky affection of her church cat, Biscuit.

But trouble arises when Annabelle welcomes a new resident to her quaint parish. She visits newcomer, Sir John Cartwright, hoping to welcome him to her flock, and to dispel rumors of shady happenings at his mansion. But instead of tea and cakes, Annabelle is served a heaping plate of murder, and a second helping of handsome Inspector Mike Nicholls!

Filled with laugh-out-loud humor, fiendish puzzles, and delightful recipes, this humorous, cozy mystery is an excellent addition to the Reverend Annabelle Dixon series.

Buy your copy today and get ready to be amused!

Includes the following recipes!! – Wicked Walnut Cupcakes with Magnificent Maple Buttercream Frosting – Beatific Baklava – Chaste Chia Seed and Coconut Macaroons – Angelic Almond Cupcakes and Abundant Almond Butter Frosting

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“Annabelle reminds me of Miss Marple.” 

“I always enjoy spending time with your characters, to the point that they feel like family.”

“I absolutely love the Annabelle Dixon books. She is one of my all time favorite characters.”

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