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A corpse in a garage. A puppy in need of a home. Can man’s best friend help solve a dastardly crime?

When her beloved Mini Cooper breaks down in the countryside, Reverend Annabelle Dixon is forced make a stop at Mildred’s Garage. But instead of a quick tune-up, she stumbles upon a gruesome surprise… a lifeless hand, peeking out from beneath a parked car.

As luck would have it, Annabelle’s crush, Inspector Mike Nicholls, happens to be visiting her parish on personal business. But those matters are soon pushed aside, as the stalwart detective finds himself entangled in yet another mystery with the kindhearted and tenacious vicar.

When Annabelle convinces the uptight inspector to adopt a stray puppy she found on her doorstep, the pair decide to join forces to solve the crime. But with one mysterious corpse, two missing mechanics, and a diabolical killer on the loose, they may be biting off more than they can chew. Luckily, Annabelle and Mike have an ace up their sleeve… an adorable little puppy, with a talent for sniffing out clues.

Grave in the Garage is the fourth book in the Reverend Annabelle Dixon series. If you like quaint English towns, fun and colorful characters, a strong, yet compassionate female lead, and a hint of romance, then you’ll love Alison Golden’s deliciously humorous storytelling.

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Includes the following recipes!! – Miraculous English Madelines – Venerable Victoria Sandwich – Marvelous Meringues – Flaming Florentine Slices

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“As a female minister, I enjoyed the female vicar and her commitment to her congregation, while helping to solve mysteries. The humor helps lighten the mood. Also, the violence is not so graphic and the characters are simply wonderful. It is like visiting friends that you want to visit with as much as possible. Great job!!”

“The two surprises at the end of the book were a wonderful way to wrap things up after the murder had been solved. I highly recommend reading the Reverend Annabelle Dixon Mystery Series.”

“The main story always has a twist at the end as the bad guy is unveiled. And after you finish the book, there are great recipes at the end. I highly recommend this book as well as the 3 preceding it. While each is a stand alone mystery, it is more fun to read them all in order.”

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