An impossible theft. A dark conspiracy. Diana Hunter is on the case…

Vancouver’s elite have convened at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel, to celebrate funding the new British Columbia Children’s Hospital. The event is a night of elegant glamour, where the wine and champagne flow like water. But the star-studded evening comes to a screeching halt, when the guests suddenly realize all their precious jewels and baubles are gone…

In an instant, the night turns from joy to confusion and fear…. How did it happen? How were they all robbed, all at once… without anyone seeing a thing?

Enter Diana Hunter. Diana works for a news and crime magazine, but her impressive deductive skills hint at her secret history as a trained government asset. And those skills are put to the test when the Superintendent of the Vancouver Police Department calls her in to work the case.

Thrown together with a talented group of investigators, Diana must unravel the clues before the phantom bandits strike again. With two successful heists behind them, Diana begins piece together a puzzle of conspiracies and lies. She soon she realizes that these ‘robberies’ may not just be robberies after all….

Mystery fans will love this clean read, that contain no graphic sex or violence, but plenty of twists and turns. Buy Stolen follow the investigations of Diana Hunter today.

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“Each Chapter end makes you want to dive into the next.”

“Loved it, love the series, love all of Allison Golden's books! The characters are great, and I felt like I was watching a movie! I'm sure you will also enjoy it just the same!!”

“The book is great as part of a series and can stand alone. I am eagerly awaiting the next one. There are questions left unanswered that keep you wanting more. I have an insatiable appetite for good mysteries. Ms. Golden cannot write fast enough for me. I inhaled all three books in a 24 hour period and will read them again just because they are that good. Well done and please keep them coming!”

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