A secret task force. A violent terror group. Can Diana Hunter save thousands from a deadly attack?

Following a failed assassination attempt on a Canadian Senator, Diana Hunter and Peter Hopkinson have been temporarily assigned a counter-terrorism unit known as Task Force Indigo. Their mission: interrogate a known associate of a violent new terrorist organization, ILIF.

Their subject fits the terrorist profile to tee. The angry young man is a perfect candidate for radicalization by ILIF’s sinister masters. But as they begin their interrogation, they soon realize they have stumbled across something far more dangerous than they could imagine… A plot that could claim the lives of thousands of people, and change the political direction of two countries.

Can Diana and Peter work together to intercept these brutal terrorists, and prevent their catastrophic attack? Or will the secrets from their past finally destroy their ability to trust each other once and for all? 

Thriller mystery fans will love this clean read, that contains no graphic sex or violence, but plenty of excitement and suspense. Buy Exposed, and watch Diana Hunter take on her toughest case yet.

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“I love this series and highly recommend it to anyone who loves reading good mystery books. It will keep you on the edge of your seat and anxiously waiting for the next instalment!!!”

“One thing I really appreciate about the author's treatment of her protagonists is that they aren't portrayed as comic book super-heroes. We see them as real people with extraordinary skill sets doing a heroic job at something most people would run from. I hope we see more of Diana and Peter and Indigo! What we have here, Folks, is a series of books that would make a GREAT miniseries for PBS or Netflix or Amazon Prime! Grab this new book, and any others of the series you may have missed.”

“Tons of heart-stopping moments, plenty of mystery, conspiracy theories all around, trying to decide who can be trusted and romance. All this adds up to a riveting read that will keep your attention from beginning to end.”

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