A dead body. A handsome detective. Just another day in the life of Diana Hunter…

When embarking on an early morning run, Diana notices a man sitting on the ground. When she returns, she finds he hasn’t moved a muscle. A quick inspection reveals he is stone cold dead…

Once the emergency services arrive, including the very attractive, and very pompous, detective Peter Hopkinson, Diana finds herself under suspicion for the murder. It will take all her investigative talents and analytical skill to clear her name, as she tries to catch the real killer herself…

Can Diana find the murderer before Detective Hopkinson closes his case, with her as the chief suspect? Or will they both discover something far more sinister, lurking in the shadows of Royal Bay Beach?

Mystery fans will love this clean read, that contains no graphic sex or violence, but plenty of twists and turns. Buy Snatched, and follow Diana Hunter’s investigations today.

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“I LOVE Diana's strength, self-assuredness and snarkyness! This is a must read in the series and I am now reading the next book in the series and I know I will be awaiting the next one after that. It is a great series to get your teeth into! A must read.”

“Diana is an amazing character. I loved how quickly her mind made connections. The story had some twists and turns. There was a touch of romance and an exciting finish.”

“If you love murder mysteries with romance and laughter, this is the book for you!”

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