Meet Philippa Bradshaw

Annabelle's Church Secretary & Housekeeper

About Philippa Bradshaw


Name: Philippa Bradshaw.
Age: 60.
Height: 5 ft. 4 inches.
Health: Excellent.


Bookkeeping and accounting at the local community college.


Bookkeeper and church secretary.


Strict upbringing in Catholic household.


Village life. Grew up in Upton St. Mary and has lived there all her life.


Needs to be at the heart of things. Keeps the church's accounts in order and the village gossip grinder well oiled. Takes care of the village's vicar: cleaning house, cooking meals, and baking.


To marry off all the young people in the village, especially Reverend Annabelle. To go on a cruise.


To be left out.


Spreads rumors at the drop of a hat. Opinionated and not shy about sharing.


Loves crocheting. Reads cruise holiday brochures at bedtime.


Crocheting, baking, organizing, gossiping.


The Internet.


Viewed as a gossip and a busybody but dedicated to the church's organizations and village life. People suspect she likes to organize crocheting mornings simply to find out what is going on in the village. They wouldn't be far off with their suspicions.


Philippa Bradshaw was born and raised in Upton St. Mary and is a fount of recent village history. In the parish, she is organized, officious, and stops at nothing when it comes to keeping the church's various activities running smoothly. It is often she who corrals everyone into helping out at the church fete, the nativity, and bingo nights at the church hall. The village would not run nearly as well without her. Her busybody nature is well-tolerated because of her strengths and underlying good heart.

“I had not meant to read the entire book, but before I knew it I was at the end! I love Annabelle!”

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