Meet Sergeant Harding

About Sergeant Janice Harding


Age: 30
Height: 5 feet 6 inches


Sergeant, Gorey Constabulary.


To catch bad guys while living an otherwise relaxed, unchallenging life as a singleton.


To meet “The One” and get married.


She might be left on the shelf.


Can be narrow-minded and jealous.


Is secretly interested in environmentalism and recycles everything she can.


Hanging out with her gal pals, drinking, eating, lazing on the beach.


Housework and dating.


Rough exterior, bossy, easy to ruffle her feathers.


Janice moved to Jersey from the mainland in her early twenties. She had a boyfriend who was a crew member on a local boat. The relationship broke up, but she stayed on and her abilities got her promoted to the Gorey Constabulary sergeant's position when her predecessor retired. She has lacked a strong leadership role model and the paucity of hard crime on the island has blunted her skills and attitude, although her heart of gold and likeability endears her to the public and her peers. Outside of work, she lives a single life, often venturing to the mainland, both England and France, for raucous hen weekends where she lets her hair down in the clubs.

“Finished your latest book last night. Absolutely loved it.”

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