Meet Constable Roach

About Constable Roach


Age: 26.
Height: 6 feet 2 inches.
Weight: 185 lbs.


Hendon Police College.


Constable, Gorey Constabulary.


To scale the heights of British law enforcement. Very ambitious and willing to do anything and go anywhere for promotion.


To become a senior detective.


He will be stuck on Jersey dealing with petty crime for the rest of his life.


Over-anxious in his eager to please, competitive with a tendency to squabble with his fellow officers.


Loves geocaching.


Cream cakes.


Slackers and untidy people.


Fussy and pedantic.


Jim Roach grew up on Jersey. He adores his widowed mother and lives at home with her. Every Saturday, they sit down to a full afternoon tea (scones, cream, the works) and watch horseracing. Manages to catch the occasional girlfriend, otherwise, he is something of a loner, although his geocaching adventures provide him with a collection of colorful friends who share his interest. While he may have a reputation for being fussy and pedantic in his small Gorey universe, Roach is a keen observer with an eye for detail if given opportunities to shine.


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