Meet Constable Barnwell

About Constable Barnwell


Name: Barry “Bazza” Barnwell.
Age: 35.
Height: 5 feet 10 inches.


Constable, Gorey Constabulary.


To do as little work, and as much drinking, as possible.


To not get found out.


He might, one day, be exposed as an unconfident loser.


A work-shy attitude and a tendency to see everything as a joke.


Loves dogs.


A drink down the pub, a game of cards and a nap.


Hard work, paperwork, any kind of work.


A joker, a drunk, sometimes a ne'er-do-well.


“Bazza” is an import to jersey from the East End of London. No-one is quite sure how he ended up on the island. Some people say that he was headed to Calais to stock up on cheap booze but got on the wrong ferry. Once he learned of the relaxed way of life on the island and that he didn't have to go any further for cheap alcohol, he claimed Jersey was akin to Paradise and never left.

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