A Day in the Life of Reverend Annabelle Dixon



Breakfast & Prayer

Short prayer and a breakfast meeting. Today, I met with a parishioner who has an idea about a leadership project he is thinking of undertaking on behalf of the church.

Calories for energy, it's going to be a busy day.

Prayer for mindfulness.

Planning for a productive day.


Church Office Hours

This is a time to meet with Philippa, my church secretary, and parishioners.

A villager who has fallen on hard times came in. I wrote out a grocery voucher for him to exchange for food at the local shop.

I reviewed the parish council meeting minutes, but there were no actions for me to pursue (this time).

After that, I dealt with the phone messages:

A bride-to-be wishing to learn the cost of holding a wedding at St. Mary's.

A villager inquiring about the health of another villager who is in hospital.

An Altar Guild member asking whether the palms have been ordered for Palm Sunday.


Visit Hospital

I decided to go to the hospital to find out how Jim Harbinger, a retired laborer from the village is doing. His wife, Rita, is with him. After assuring myself he is fine, it is off to my next duty.

A moment of thought for Jim and Rita.

Remember to pop back soon to see if Rita needs anything.


Lunch & Prayer

Lunch and solo prayers. Today, I combined psalms, prayers and Scripture readings. Sometimes, I am sleepy and have to fight not doze off! Ack.

Calories for energy.

Prayer for mindfulness.

Planning for a productive afternoon.


Bible Study Prep

I selected the reading for this evening's Bible study group. Considered starting a daytime group for retirees and whether or not to purchase Bible study aids. Some villagers are dead against them although I think they can help if they support deeper reading. I put the decision off for another day. Sometimes during this time I work on my Sunday sermon or tribute if there is an upcoming funeral.

Planning for an insightful study group. So much to talk about and so little time.

Matthew 14.13-21.

Start a daytime group for retirees?

Brainstormed Sunday sermon topic.


Visiting and Errands

Bought groceries from the local shop and chatted to some villagers. Dropped in on Mrs. Smithson who has been having trouble with her arthritis. Took Biscuit to the vet for her annual shots and worming and flea treatments. (She wasn't happy!)

Healthy food purchased for dinner.

Gave Mrs. Smith the name of a recommended joint cream.

Remember to bring treats next time we go to the vet.


Wedding Planning Appointment

Appointment with a bride and groom about a forthcoming wedding. What a joy to see love blossom! Long discussion about hymn suggestions. Offered choir if congregation are not big hymn singers. Calmed a very nervous groom-to-be with chamomile tea.

Grabbed a quick bite to eat.

Amazing Grace

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Lord of the Dance


Bible Study Group

Met with Bible study group. Good attendance. To be surrounded by like-minded individuals is a blessing.

8 people

"Yes" on the Bible Study aids.


Close Church

Lock up church and home for dinner Philippa had left in the oven for me.

Took a moment to contemplate the church stained glass. What a beautiful, holy image.

Exercise (brisk walk) on way home. (2 minutes.)

Light dinner, salmon and green beans, for better sleep.


Prayer & Bed

Put cat out. Boil hot milk for nightcap. Think about prayers as clean teeth.

Pray for Jim Harbinger, villager who has money troubles, husband and wife-to-be, Philippa for making my dinner.

Appreciation for all the people whose paths crossed mine and those whose made my life easier today.

Bedtime reading: Barbara Cartland romance novel.

Thoughts of food whilst working

Minutes of praying

People at Bible Study

People helped

“I love Annabelle’s quirky love of sweets and her fearless pursuit for catching perps!”

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