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Death at the Café is set in London and, if you look carefully, you can see the city skyline in the background with multi-storey buildings representing London townhouses in the mid-ground. In the foreground is a café table and chairs with umbrella.

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The cover for Murder at the Mansion was the first cover I ever worked on and it was in a different format to the others. I worked with my designer to bring it in line by adding a row of cottages that represent Upton St. Mary in the background along with a church image for St. Mary's church. A bench, the like of which Annabelle has in the church cemetery is in the foreground and, of course, Biscuit and a cake.

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As Body in the Woods is set in Upton St. Mary, we stayed with the same background but added a table set with tea in recognition of the fact that Annabelle does much of her sleuthing from Flynn's Tearoom in this book.

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The car on this cover is meant to represent Annabelle's beloved blue Mini and the fact that, in Grave in the Garage, the mystery is centered around nefarious goings on related to cars.

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I love the background on this cover. Vikki, the cover designer, did a great job building a background of hills, valley's and moor to represent the Scottish island upon which this Horror in the Highlands is set. The boat adds foreground interest and, of course, relates to the fishing boat in the book.

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