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Hey there, lovely reader,

Good morning! We're into the second week of the new year and I'm cracking on with Diana #5. Yesterday I got some writer's block on a scene and was also noodling another plot point. I started to procrastinate.

I ended up buying a few things on Amazon, did some of my latest jigsaw, watched a few dance reels on Facebook (I love those dancers – oh, to be able to do that!) and then returned to my wip.

As if by magic, I effortlessly finished up the scene and resolved the other plot point. Just like that! The brain is an amazing thing. Who knew watching people dance and slotting in a few puzzle pieces could solve my writing issues?

Today I want to let you know what I have planned for 2024.

My wall of sticky notes

This wall is next to my writing desk. I look at it every day. The sticky notes in left hand column are priorities that I will work on this year. The middle column are the priorities my team will work on. The right column is what we may get to if we have time.

My priorities are to deliver Diana #5 and Graham #10 by the end of the year. I will continue to write this newsletter weekly-ish and reply to reader emails and enquiries. I'll be continuing to market via Facebook ads and will write a birthday club update at the end of the year for 2025. I'll also be spending a couple of months in the UK mid-year.

At the end of last year, I hired a lovely narrator to turn the Roxy series into audiobooks. She is starting this week and that, and finishing Graham in audio, is my team's priority.

Also, the first books in the Graham series will be published in German over the next few weeks. The translator is working flat out and there will be more in German later in the year. And we hope to open a store to offer you the chance to buy some exclusive products that are related to my stories.

If we have time, some other projects we are considering include changing the composition of the starter library by adding an exclusive Roxy prequel, starting to think about updates to the Inspector Graham covers – a longer term project – and putting Diana into audio.

It's all go!

Meet Diana Hunter

For readers who are not familiar with Diana, I want to share these two exclusive subscriber bonuses with you.

The Diana Hunter books are mystery/thrillers. They are a little more edgy than my other series. If the intensity of Inspector Graham is your max, Diana might be too much. But if you read James Patterson or Lee Child or similar, these would be well within your range.

Like all my series, my heroine goes on a personal journey. In Diana's case, she is living a life of uncertainty and isolation after tragedy. Of course, when she meets Detective Peter Hopkinson, this becomes impossible to maintain and we watch her grow and change as she opens up her life while pursuing her quest. Each book is a complete mystery with Diana's overarching personal story developed over the course of the series. The book I am writing now is the fifth book in the series and the series will be completed with book six.

You can get the prequel, Hunted, exclusively in your starter library. This fills in the background to the series and explains why Diana lives the way she does. And below is a link to her file. It's marked classified. A former agent with the Canadian security services, Diana's seen and done some things.

Download Hunted as part of your starter library

Meet Diana Hunter

Price Drop

Just in case you missed it last week, I want to announce that I have dropped prices for all individual ebooks by at least 20%. In some cases, the price drop amounts to over 28%. The Case of the Uncommon Witness, for example, is now $6.99 $4.99. Prices for print, large print, box sets, and audiobooks remain unchanged. Click on any of the links in the footer of this email to be taken to the relevant Amazon book page.

I am about to start reading Agatha Christie: An Elusive Woman by Lucy Worsley. I'm excited to begin! I hope you have a good book, or three, to get stuck into. It's cold for a lot of us out there!

I'll be back next Thursday with more news. Have a lovely week. And as ever, happy reading!

Chaos in Cambridge by Alison Golden
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